KDSG Holds Valedictory Session in Honour of Late Ex Deputy Governor ,Bantex

Governor Nasir El Rufai has described the late Architect Barnabas Bala Bantex as a good man whose emergence made the office of the Deputy Governor of Kaduna State the most powerful such office in Nigeria.

El Rufai further said that such was the esteem in which Bantex was held that he was the only Deputy Governor to be part of the President’s entourage to the United Nations General Assembly in 2015.

The governor, who was speaking at a valedictory session of the Kaduna State Executive Council held in honour of Bantex, pointed out that ‘’the greatest tribute to Bantex for us as a government is how his election as Deputy Governor of this state has made the office the most powerful of any state in the country.’’

El Rufai added that ‘’our Deputy Governors in Kaduna State are not spare tyres. He acted as State Governor, leading with integrity and chairing our State Executive Council so many times when I was out of the country.

‘’ Bantex also chaired our KADIPA, SEMA, JAAC, Power Reform Committee, Ease of Doing Business Committee and the State Tenders Board at various times,’’ he disclosed.

In an emotion-laden speech, El Rufai described the deceased as ‘’a great ambassador for Kaduna State at international and national events.’’

The governor who narrated his over 40 years of friendship with his late deputy, from their undergraduate days to their professional relationship in the construction industry, said that Bantex was ‘’self-assured, steadfast, courageous and collegial.’’

El Rufai said that Kaduna state is grateful that Bantex ‘’agreed to come out of retirement to work with us to establish the APC in Kaduna State, as its first elected chairman and thereafter as my running mate personally selected by President Buhari from a shortlist of six names on 23rd December 2014.’’

‘’As a former local government chairman, he was an authority on local government administration and responsible for the autonomy we granted all our LGAs from day one in 2015,’’ he said.

According to the governor, Bantex ‘’also convinced our Cabinet to legislate on the presidential system of local government- a first in Kaduna State and one of the few states in Nigeria practising this system faithfully.’’

El Rufai said that he and Bantex have never ever argued with Bantex, let alone quarrel or engage in fisticuffs as was widely rumoured at the beginning of the administration.

‘’The only disagreement we ever had had to do with his offer, not once but three times to resign his office as Deputy Governor. Thrice I rejected.

‘’He offered to resign because he felt that the open hostility of some leaders, groups and associations from his senatorial district will be reduced if he resigned, and if I conceded to such persons the right to nominate his replacement.

‘’ I assured Bantex that under no circumstance will any person or group dictate who I work with as Deputy Governor. I appealed to him to stay and he agreed. I am very grateful to him for that,’’ El Rufai revealed.

The governor recalled that the last time Bantex attended the meeting of the State Executive Council was in May 2019, as he prepared to bow out as Deputy Governor.

According to him, the departing Deputy Governor ‘’gave another confident performance, a trait that concealed the considerable pains of ill-health he had endured over the years. His family can be very proud of this good man, who gave great service, was principled and stood by his convictions’’

CCN Partners UNICEF, EU ,UN to End violence Against Women , Girls in Adamawa

Churches under the Association of Christian Council of Nigeria (CCN) in partnership with UNICEF under the European Union (EU), united Nations
(UN) spotlight initiative to end violence against women and girls (EVAWG).

The leadership of the Association in a Media Parlay at LCCN (Grace) in Yola told journalists that they are convinced ending violence against woman and girls is a possibility if all hands are on desk.

The CCN President, Most Rev Dr Benebo Febura- Manuel while addressing journalists admitted that Churches have been part of the problem and so, should be part of the solution.

“We challenge the patriarchal systems long embedded into the fabric of the faith confessions of our historic Churches and reject every “godly” blessing hitherto given to violence against women and girls.

“We do this in confidence that our reading of the Bible with its unashamed
stance for justice does not permit us to stand for violence against women and
girls. Jesus, our Savior and Lord, was born of a woman and lived a life here on
earth as a child under the care of loving parents, but knew in his own childhood experience the evil of the violence of adults, especially that of king Herod. Yet he grew up with girls and worked with women to preach and demonstrate the love of the kingdom of God in the life of all. To this effect, he took little children into his arms and blessed them, made them the best examples of the Kingdom life and insisted that doing good to them attracts the mercies of heaven and doing evil to them the condemnation of heaven. He adjusted the social role of women in his time, loved them and worked with them in spite of the explosive and sensitive setting in which he ministered, challenged the stereotypes against them by showing them as reliable witnesses and even used them as the first witnesses to the most crucial event of his ministry, being the resurrection and presented them as worthy of love and care. This example of Jesus stands against every form of marginalization of women and girls today; and this is a strong guide to.” Benebo said

Benebo also said that all Churches under the umbrella of CCN has scheduled a week long enlightenment campaign in Adamawa on ending violence against women and girls commenced on 21st (Yesterday), 2021.

According to him the role of faith-based organizations in ending violence against EVAWG is most needed at this time that injustice against girl child is going on unabated and aided by the system.

Benebo revealed that the governments of the nations of our world are not sufficiently tackling the challenges with respect to Violence against Women and Girls.

“Clearly, our country is not winning in this battle. But it should win. We have all it takes to have a secure country and to end all forms of violence especially those against women and girls. The political and social systems are not skewed in the favor of women and girls but rather against them. The
religious systems worsen their plight even when claiming to be the agents of
liberation. We regret all these and set ourselves in the path of change. We
commit, therefore, to directly, personally and communally opposing all systems of marginalization that we have inherited or set up or that we are presently designing or setting up.

“We recognize that violence has taken an aggressive form in many facets
of our society in recent times due to the increasing rate of unemployment of
many young people, the poverty of many homes exacerbated by the COVID-19
pandemic, the inter-tribal and communal clashes in many regions of the country, the menace of kidnapping and mindless brutalizations and killings by some herdsmen. All these have combined to bring undue sufferings to woman and girls in our country. And with the deeply rooted patriarchy of our cultures, albeit in varying degrees, we cannot deny that woman and girls have been the chief victims.

“CCN has joined this collaboration because we realize that Violence against Women and Girls is not what the Churches or faith based organizations alone can solve; it calls for multilateral efforts and initiatives and every form of support is a move in the right direction. We believe that this collaboration will assist many non-religious persons to discern clearly how they have been trapped in the same declining culture and do all that they can to stop this evil.

“This week of enlightenment calls for fresh and aggressive approaches to
raising awareness on Ending Violence against Women and Girls because if this
collaboration between the Christian Council of Nigeria and UNICEF must be
worth it, it must reach the grassroots effectively. We shall collectively seek to reject abuse of women and girls of all forms, including women’s forced
domestication, discrimination in religious, political and social settings, girl child neglect, exploitation, abuse, and trafficking, and all shades and colours of Violence against Women and Girls – be they physical, emotional, sexual, or

“We name Violence Against Women and Girls as a real evil confronting all communities in our country today. We admit that it happens in our homes,
institutions, religious organizations. In this Week of Enlightenment, we shall
expose all forms of violence against women and girls and re-examine the existing policies of all the bodies to which we belong and the policies of our nation with a view to discerning whether or not these policies perpetuate Violence Against Children in any form. And we commit to ending any such evil policy we discern.

“In this week, we commit to drawing attention to the systems that perpetuate
injustice, discerning their chameleonic ways of re-asserting their destructive
grips and spilling their poisonous venoms in educational, religious, traditional, political and domestic systems of the world today.

“We reject and condemn any who in the name of religion sends women and
girls out on suicide missions, pulls them out of their homes or schools and keeps them in camps and ghettoes, to use some as sex machines, to rape some and enslave them in forced marriages, to maim others who resist their evils and ruin their lives for no just cause. And we also live in a world in which many people of religious communities traffic our women and girls and expose them to both national and international danger simply for love of money. We challenge parents to start making sufficient provisions for the education of their girl children. We condemn the gender injustice that mothers experience and often transfer to their children without any conscience. We condemn the carelessness that allows relations and lovers of women abuse their girl children sexually or physically or emotionally. We condemn the rampant raping of infant girls for ritual and selfish purposes.

” We live in a world of rampant communal and inter-tribal wars, with their resultant negative physical, sexual, emotional and psychological impacts on women and girls. We live in a world where the policies that exist privilege men over and at the expense of women, where the policies teach men a false and ungodly masculinity in which their power is exercised over women and girls in forms of rape and abuse. We live in a world that does not give a fair chance to a woman in the job market, making her earn less than her male counterpart that she properly surpassed in class while in school. It is in this context that we have come together as Christians in collaboration with UNICEF to sensitize on the evil of Violence Against Women and Girls and to do all in our power to end it.

“We shall engage in mass street rallies and meet with significant political
and government figures who can initiate positive changes in this regard. We
shall hand out fliers and stickers that would send out our messages and pray to our one and only creator and redeemer in our churches so that by the grace of God we shall see an age in which violence against children is ended.

” We call on all religious leaders and on each and every one who hears us
today to join hands with the Christian Council of Nigeria in this work. We urge
all Churches to prioritize this in their liturgy and join with us in ending Violence Against Women and Girls.
May God make this a true and sincere effort. May our hearts be truly changed towards our women and girls in love.

“May the systems of injustice that
perpetuate violence crumble in our times and through our efforts and may the
Almighty God receive all the glory in the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, Amen.” He added

Youth Empowerment : Pro APC Northern Group Hails Kwara Governor

Pro All Progressives Congress (APC) Northern youth organisation has hailed Kwara State Governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq for placing periority on youth Empowerment and Infrastructural Development in the State .

The Youth leader ,Alh Haruna Adamu Ahmadu, who is the Coordinator of the group in press statement made available to Journalists today ,said Governor Abdulrazaq deserved kudos for working hard and keeping all campaign promises since given the people’s mandate to govern Kwara State .

The Statement reads: “We are happy that after he was elected two years ago as Kwara Governor , Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has not only proved his prowess as a commited leaders ,who can be trusted always ,he has also demonstrated that with the right person in position of Leadership , Government can be made easy .

Despite the challenges of insecurity across Nigeria today ,Kwara has been peaceful,secured and bandit-free simply because,the youths are gainfully employed via formidable youth Empowerment scheme and Programmes intimated by the State government.

We decided to single Kwara Governor for commendation as bait to encourage other governors to emulate his proactive style of governance , especially the high consideration for youth development and Empowerment .

No leader that places priority on youth ,who will regret such action .Eighty per cent of the challenges of insecurity Nigeria is facing today in undoubtedly cause by unemployment and poverty .And the only answer to these problems bedeviling the country is to engage the Youths as a panacea to addressing the problem.

We commend the APC Caretaker Chairman for recognizing Kwara Governor as the authentic leader of the party in the State as against the sharp division stirred up the Minister of Information and Culture ,Lai Mohammed.

However , as Muslim celebrate the Eid Mubarak across the world , we greet the Governor for standing firm and working hard to make life easy for the people of Kwara during this hard economic period.

How I made my first one million Naira after  NYSC – Obi Cubana

The Chairman of Cubana Group, Obi Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana, revealed that he made his first one million naira after he completed his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Abuja.
The socialite and night life boss disclosed that he graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 1998, with a degree in Political Science.
The businessman in an interview with BBC Pidgin said despite not getting a job, he was able to make his first N1 million through an entrepreneurial venture.
Obi Cubana said, “After undergoing my compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme in Abuja, I started searching for a job all to no avail.”
“That made me start some small jobs and from there I became a real estate agent. I usually get five per cent of every task that is successfully executed. It was along the line that I and my colleagues met a man who asked us to help him furnish his house. “We did it very well that he gave me N500,000 separately from the profit of N600,000 which I also made from the deal. That made it N1.1 million in total. It was after my NYSC that I made my first one million nairas.” Obi Cubana while speaking on the burial of his mum, where people sprayed bundles as oppose to spraying notes, said: “How would I have arranged for people to come to the event and spray money. Is it to bathe with it? The money belongs to them, so it is their choice to spend it anyhow they like. ”All those that came for the burial are bigwigs across various industries, so they’re there to show love for my family. Some of them were my friends and colleagues from school several years back. “Therefore, the burial offered them the platform to come and show their love and support. That’s what happened that day,” he said.
The billionaire while speaking on the planned birthday for his mum said, “My mother’s burial was like that because we had already promised her that whenever she clocks 80, we’ll organise a unique carnival, which is the first of its kind in the world, to celebrate her.”
“We joked about it and agreed. But thereafter, she died before she clocked 80. Due to that, we dissipated all our energy and initial plans to celebrate her 80th birthday into organising a befitting burial for her. That’s why it is the talk of the town.
“This year (2021) makes it 15 years that our father passed away. After my father’s death, we gave our mother all the love because she was always there for us. She was the one playing the role of a father and mother for us before her death.”
“Whenever you visit her, she must pray for you before leaving. Even in your absence, she still prays for you, so when she died, it was as if they collected part of my energy.”

Source: Reuben abati.com

El-Rufai: Esu Chikun was a peacemaker

Governor Nasir El-Rufai has described the His Highness, Dr. Danjuma Barde, the late Esu Chikun, as a traditional leader who promoted peace and embraced the diversity that development and modernity had brought to his chiefdom.

Governor El-Rufai stated this in a condolence message to the Chikun Traditional Council and the family of HH Dr. Barde who passed on Wednesday morning.

A statement issued by Special Adviser on Media and Communication, Mr Muyiwa Adekeye quoted the governor as saying that Dr. Barde was ‘’ a peacemaker who did not flinch from the challenges of modernity but who fully embraced the possibilities of diversity.’’

‘’This accommodating and constructive attitude has brought immense socio-economic dividends to the people of Chikun Chiefdom which is host to many of the most significant investment projects the government has attracted to Kaduna State since 2015,’’ Adekeye noted.

The statement further noted that ‘’ Dr. Barde was courageous and outspoken, but always in the interest of peace, unity and progress.’’

According to the Adekeye, ‘’El-Rufai said that Kaduna State is grateful for the positive attitude of the late Dr. Barde. He prayed God to grant him peaceful repose, to comfort his family and the entire Chikun Chiefdom.’’

El-Rufai: Esu Chikun was a peacemaker

Governor Nasir El-Rufai has described the His Highness, Dr. Danjuma Barde, the late Esu Chikun, as a traditional leader who promoted peace and embraced the diversity that development and modernity had brought to his chiefdom.

Governor El-Rufai stated this in a condolence message to the Chikun Traditional Council and the family of HH Dr. Barde who passed on Wednesday morning.

A statement issued by Special Adviser on Media and Communication, Mr Muyiwa Adekeye quoted the governor as saying that Dr. Barde was ‘’ a peacemaker who did not flinch from the challenges of modernity but who fully embraced the possibilities of diversity.’’

‘’This accommodating and constructive attitude has brought immense socio-economic dividends to the people of Chikun Chiefdom which is host to many of the most significant investment projects the government has attracted to Kaduna State since 2015,’’ Adekeye noted.

The statement further noted that ‘’ Dr. Barde was courageous and outspoken, but always in the interest of peace, unity and progress.’’

According to the Adekeye, ‘’El-Rufai said that Kaduna State is grateful for the positive attitude of the late Dr. Barde. He prayed God to grant him peaceful repose, to comfort his family and the entire Chikun Chiefdom.’’

Eid: El Rufai calls for prayers, urges observance of Covid-19 protocols

Governor Nasir El Rufai has called for prayers for the state and the country in these challenging times and appealed for observance of Covid protocols as Muslim faithful celebrate Eid-el-Kabir.

In a message of felicitation signed by Special Adviser on Media and Communication, Mr Muyiwa Adekeye, the governor urged Muslims to emulate the example of faith and sacrifice that Sallah symbolises.

The governor of Kaduna state commended the resilience of citizens in these tough times and prayed for the blessings of Allah for the immense sacrifices that are being made.

El-Rufai urged the Muslim community to keep hope alive, and to celebrate Eid el-Kabir in compliance with public health guidelines prescribed to protect everyone from the very infectious Delta variant Covid-19 that is already circulating in some states in the country.

The governor appealed to all communities in Kaduna state to uphold peace and harmony, despite the security challenges in many communities.

The statement further urged all residents to remain vigilant and be law-abiding as security agencies intensify anti-banditry operations to secure communities.

Zulum, Shettima, IGP Lead VIPs to Eid Prayers in Maiduguri

Governor of Borno State, Babagana Umara Zulum, Senator representing Borno Central, Kashim Shettima, and the Inspector General of Police, Baba Alkali, led top government officials and other muslim faithful to perform two Rak’at Eid Prayers in Maiduguri on Tuesday.

The Shehu of Borno, Abubakar Ibn Umar Garbai Elkanemi, Senator representing Southern Borno, Mohammed Ali Ndume, Chief Whip of the House of Representative, Mohammed Tahir Monguno, Speaker of Borno State House of Assembly, Abdulkarim Lawan and the State APC Chairman, Ali Bukar Dalori, were among dignitaries that attended the eid prayer.

The eid prayer held at Ramat Square, a large space with capacity for thousands of persons was led by Imam Idaini of Borno, Shettima Mamman Saleh.

In his sermon, Imam Shettima Ibn Saleh urged Muslim faithful to pray for peace to return to the state and the country at large.

Kaduna warns against large gatherings as Muslims celebrate sallah

Kaduna State Government has warned that the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is already in the country and the Delta variant of the virus is responsible for the rising infections, hospitalizations, and deaths in some parts of Africa and Nigeria.

A statement signed by the Deputy Governor, Dr Hadiza Balarabe on Monday noted that the ‘’situation has put Kaduna, FCT, Kano, Oyo, Rivers and Plateau states on RED ALERT.’’

‘’At this time, when Muslim faithfuls are in the peak of preparations for the Eid-el-Kabir celebration, it has become crucial that we do not relent in efforts targeting prevention and containment of the Delta Variant of the Corona Virus,’’ she added.

Dr Balarabe who is the Chair of the State Task Force on Covid-19, also called on ‘’Traditional and Religious leaders as well as all residents of the State to be more proactive in safeguarding their own health, that of their families and by extension, overall health of the public.’’

The Deputy Governor advised that residents of Kaduna state should ‘’prioritize strict adherence to all the protocols in places of religious and social gatherings.’’

According to her, government has to ‘’ minimize the risk of importation of the variant in the State through strengthened surveillance at all points of entry, putting suspected cases in quarantine.’’

The statement further said that government will also ensure that ‘’confirmed cases are put in isolation and managed till they no longer pose a threat to Public Health. We will not relent on this.’’

Dr Balarabe said that citizens should comply with safety measures for a safe Eid-el Kabir, adding that ‘’Eid prayer should be decentralized to neighborhood Friday mosques and prayers to be conducted out-door(preferably).’’

The Deputy Governor advised that Durbar activities and large gatherings should be suspended and ‘’all indoor gatherings should be limited (half capacity for Halls to ensure Physical distancing, ensuring Temperature checks, use of Face mask, provision for Handwashing /use of Sanitizers.’’

Dr Balarabe also reminded citizens of the the message of the FORWARD campaign which emphasizes the use of Facemasks, observing physical distancing and respiratory hygiene as well as washing of hands regularly with soap and running water to maintain hand hygiene.

The statement noted that hand sanitisers should be used if running water is not readily available, just as citizens are reminded to avoid large gatherings, remain indoors and exercise to keep fit as well as eating a healthy diet to prevent disease and heal the body.

The Deputy Governor wished Muslim Faithful ‘’ a very pleasant Eid el Kabir celebration, I pray that the message of the period, stays with us and within us, even beyond now.

NLC strike: KDSG swears in Commission of Inquiry members

Kaduna State Government is confident that the quality of the membership and the leadership of the Commission of Inquiry that will look into the Nigerian Labour Congress(NLC) strike of May, will find answers to the key questions that have occupied the minds of its citizens.

Governor Nasir El Rufai who made this known after swearing six out of the seven members of Commission of Inquiry on Tuesday, said that the seventh member, Dr Nasirudeen Usman, is on an official assignment in Qatar.

The governor said that the chairman and members ‘’were carefully selected, to look into this event and give us factual and legal recommendations as to actions that the federal government as well as the state government may need to take, to ensure that no state in Nigeria, and in particular the people of Kaduna state, do not have to go through what they went through in the four days, starting from the 16th to the 19th of May 2021.’’

It will be recalled that Kaduna State Government announced Justice Ishaq Bello, a retired Judge, as the chairman of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry to look into the NLC strike of May 2021 last Tuesday.

A the statement which was released on July 6, mentioned former Attorney-General of Cross River state Eyo Ekpo and Mrs Joan Jatau-Kadiya, ex Attorney General of Kaduna state as members.

The statement which was signed by Special Adviser on Media and Communication, Mr Muyiwa Adekeye, listed former Assistant General Secretary of NLC and Deputy National Secretary of the Nigerian Union of Journalists(NUJ) Chom Bagu as a member of the commission.

Adekeye listed other members of the commission to include AVM Rabiu Dabo, Dr Nasirudeen Usman and Malam Mohammed Isah Aliyu.

The Special Adviser stated that ‘’the Judicial Commission of Inquiry is constituted based on the 1999 Constitution and the Commissions of Inquiry Law CAP 34, Laws of Kaduna State1991.’’

According to the statement, the Inquiry has 14 terms of reference which include ‘’ to ascertain the legality of the warning strike, the actions of various persons and organisations.

Adekeye added that the commission should also ‘’determine whether such actions amount to any breach of the Trade Union Act, the Trade Disputes Act, the Trade Disputes (Essential Services) Act, the Miscellaneous Offenses Act, the Quarantine Act, the Public Health Law and Penal Code Law of Kaduna State and other laws.’’

‘’The Inquiry will also ascertain the economic losses incurred during the strike, assign responsibility for actions and make recommendations for appropriate actions, including civil remedies, criminal prosecution and policy measures,’’ he said.

Responding on behalf of other members, Justice Bello said that he and other members of the commission have accepted their appointments, describing the appointment as ‘’an exceptional opportunity to serve humanity.’’

‘’Essentially, the intendment is to avert possible rancour in the circle of this very community that we cherish. And indeed, at the end of the day, if our findings and recommendations are so articulate, they may serve as remedy, or even be a point of reference to other communities as best practices that will address disputes in whatever form they may come,’’ he said

FTAN Elects New Exco Members …as Arokoyo says Election Outcome is Collective Resolve

Members of the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN), the umbrella body of tourism practitioners and businesses in Nigeria elected Mr Nkereuwem Onung, founder and chairman of Remlords Tours and Car Hire Services as new president of the association.

Onung during the election held  at Rockview Hotel Royale, Wuse II, Abuja, on Thursday, July 8, 2021,  got 71 votes to beat Ayo Olumoko, his rival, who secured 22 votes.

 Olumoko contested under the Institute of Tourism Professionals of Nigeria (ITPN).Onung represented the Nigerian Association of Tour Operators (NATOP), and was the immediate acting president of FTAN, following the untimely death of Rabo Saleh, the former president, while in active service early this year.

Onung, who is also the chairman of the Board of Trustees of NATOP, emerged winner with a landslide victory. Other officials elected at the AGM include; Lawal Sahid, as membership secretary 1, Okon Emenu as an internal auditor, Kolade Tunde Julius, vice president South West, Yunusa Mohammed, vice president Abuja,  Prince Arokoyo Ayodele as Vice President , Northwest Zone  ,Wale Olapade, public relation officer South, while candidates for other positions were returned unopposed.

In his acceptance speech, Onung, an ex-banker, on behalf of the executive council, thanked associations of the federation for giving him and his team the mandate to serve in the next two years in various capacities, and he also celebrated the leadership of the federation for building up FTAN in the last 12 years and bringing it to the level it is today.
Noting that the future of FTAN is greater than its history, Onung said, “I also appreciate our members who are also elected with me. We will give our best.”

In a chat with Journalists after the election , Prince Arokoyo Ayodele who was  elected the Zonal Vice President, Federation of Tourism Association of Nigeria, NorthWest said ,”The outcome of the election is reflection of collective resolved by the key industry stakeholders who wish  to see consolidated effort at promoting tourism in the Northwest and Nigeria at large. 

L-R : Prince Arokoyo and Otunba Runsewe

According to the Prince , the  two years period under the new Exco will be loaded with innovative programmes  in line with FTAN objectives.

Though, he said his efforts was constraints by the level of insecurity and funding, the region need to be  organized and reposition toward tourism development and job creation. 

Professionally as FTAN voice in the region ,he will work with various tourism stakeholders across the board to ensure a sustainable tourism for the region growth and national development.
 The Federation VP promised to engage in productive economic innovation tourism programs to differ tourism under consumption  of tourism product  and its natural resources. 
Also itemised a period zonal training among private and public sector to improve their functional capacity of tourism personnel and business.