Chikun: Applauding The GiantStrides Of Hon. Samaila Leeman

Chikun: Applauding The Giant
Strides Of Hon. Samaila Leeman

By Emmanuel Garba Magayaki

The local government system of administration was conceived to provide the policy framework within which local authorities work and deliver services to the local communities they represent, thereby promoting the well-being and quality of lives of the citizenry through the efficient performance of functions and delivery of good-value services.

Hon. Samaila Leeman

Thus, there is no gainsaying the fact that the local council tier of government is the closest government to the people at the grassroots saddled with the responsibility for the delivery of a complete range of services required by local communities.

Among the basic functions of local government administration as detailed in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are the maintenance and regulation of markets, as well as refuse disposal. It is therefore against this backdrop that we – ‘Concerned Sabon Tasha Market Stakeholders’ – find it fitting to extol Hon. Samaila Leeman for excellently acquitting himself as the Administrator of Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

As we speak, there is a glaring departure from what was obtainable in the past in just the six months that Hon. Leeman has been in the saddle, and one could not help but commend his efforts of genuine service delivery to the people; Chikun Local Government Area is beginning to take another shape where people can see and feel the presence of government.

Worthy of note, many would recall when the median strip at Sabon Tasha, along the Kaduna-Kachia dual carriage way, became a dumping ground for heaps of garbage, thus creating an environmental eyesore!

Today, a pass through same route would prove a complete reversal from the once squalid sight.

For doing what he is doing to keep the environment clean, he has added value to governance, which has earned him great commendations not only from us but from all well meaning members of the community.

What’s more is Hon. Leeman’s pragmatic approach to issues; how he swung into action to douse the leadership problem plaguing the Sabon Tasha Market by setting up a committee to look into the immediate and remote causes of the problems which had plagued the market with a view to finding lasting solutions.

The committee’s investigations exposed how the Caretaker Committee had unleashed a reign of terror through a brutish enforcement team which high-handedly plunged the market into immense crisis with the possibility of causing a breakdown of law and order.

The committee’s investigations also unearthed instances of extortion of money using different guises from unsuspecting market traders, especially women, including other forms of humiliations such as unjustly suspending traders without deference to the Sarkin Kasuwa, who is the custodian of the market.

Today, the Caretaker Committee has been dissolved, while steps have been taken for the first time to ensure that the market has a Constitution, which a drafting committee has been set up, while complete peace and normalcy have returned to the hitherto restive market community. A success for which the amiable Hon. Leeman is to be highly applauded!

Mrs. Laraba Tanko, who is the Magajiya of the market, was quick to commend the effort of Hon. Leeman when she said: “I must congratulate him on what he has been able to achieve, which we are very, very satisfied with. His administration did what other previous ones failed to do.

“Before now, Sabon Tasha had made headlines because of the heaps of garbage strewn along the major road that traverses it, posing great health hazard to the public; but a walk or drive through there now will attest to how the place has been really cleaned up!

“Likewise, the troublous situation in the market, which initially proved intractable, has now been nipped in the bud with the dissolution of the self-serving Caretaker Committee.”

The standpoint of the Magajiya of the market represents the sentiments shared by cross sections of market men and women, bus drivers, motorcycle and tricycle riders, other members of the community, visitors as well as those transiting the area.

Space will not allow a comprehensive listing of what Hon. Leeman has achieved in the short period of being in the saddle. But no gainsaying the fact that he has demonstrated leadership, unusual passion, more than enough capacity and an unmatched pragmatism. And with such land marks, there is every reason to believe that, if given a two-year mandate, he would bring forth better tidings.

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I am a Mass Communication graduate from Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna with over eleven years experience on the field as a professional journalist based in Kaduna .

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