Why Ebonyi Speaker Calls Gov. Umahi Five Star Leader

Why Ebonyi Speaker Calls Gov. Umahi Five Star Leader

By Victor Nwegede

Following the commemoration of the Nigeria transition from military rule to democratic government in May 29, 1999 and its anniversary progresses till date, the Speaker of Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru has joined many Ebonyians to congratulate Governor David Nweze Umahi, describing him as the five star leader.

Rt. Hon. Nwifuru who commended the courage of Engr. David Umahi whom he said, had in the faces of many challenges given the state an international outlook since assumed office as the Governor of Ebonyi state.

The Speaker in commending the Governor, said, Nelson Mandela had hinted that, courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.

He further noted that in the past five years, the state has known palpable changes through the courageous transformations brought in play by Governor Umahi.

Hear him: “A Polish Psychologist of the 1950s named Kazimierz Dabrowski studied World War II survivors and how they’d coped with traumatic experiences in the war. He noticed surprisingly and amazingly that a sizeable percentage of them became better, more responsible, prosperous and even happier. They learnt through their pains and relished the values of their sacrifices.

“It is understandable that in times of great transitions and rapid developments, people hurt and make sacrifices. The leaders of those significant eras are raised by God with peculiar courage to surmount fear – Divine Grace. Such transformational strides have been recorded under the leadership of Governor David Nweze Umahi, in Ebonyi State.

“Since his inception of office, quality infrastructural developments have become the new norm. Such infrastructures are ‘capital stock that provides public goods and services. It produces various effects, including those on production activities and quality of life for households.’ They are platforms for economic growth of our dear State.

“In Agriculture, the Governor has typified excellence. Ebonyians of all works of life are encouraged to go back to farm and invest in Agro-allied businesses. These the Government has done through various grants and friendly loan schemes. In Human Resources and Capital Development, we’re proud of the Governor’s achievements too. Indeed, the list is endless.

“Your Excellency Sir, I make proud to say that you’ve done exceedingly well. All of these your successes wouldn’t make sense devoid of your understanding of the principles of separation of power. In that sense, you established a sweet synergy with all arms of government, for which we legislators are absolutely proud of.

“As you continue in your rather admirable journey of leading Ebonyi State to the promise land, I know the roads are rough and tough, but yours is the Grace of the Most High. Just like the proceeds from Dabrowski’s study, more Ebonyians will become better, more responsible, prosperous and even happier at the end.

“Your Excellency, on behalf of my dear family, Honourable Members, floor functionaries and the entire staff of Ebonyi State House of Assembly, I say, many congratulations to you, on the 1st Anniversary of your 2nd tenure in office.

“Ride on, Your Excellency!”

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I am a Mass Communication graduate from Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna with over eleven years experience on the field as a professional journalist based in Kaduna .

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